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Galacto Corp.

Galacto Corp. is bringing genomic science to a broader audience through simple-to-use tools and informative reporting. We offer systems which enable the rapid detection and analysis of pathogens in industry leading times. Our cutting edge Bacterial ID system, Genicus v1.4, makes real-time NGS reporting possible. Contact us to learn more!

Our Mission

At Galacto Corp, we harness the power of NGS to deliver innovative solutions for clinical, environmental, and global health. Our cutting-edge Genicus system initially revolutionized bacterial identification in-silico. Now, we're expanding our expertise to tackle environmental and national challenges by introducing advanced NGS testing for wastewater pathogen tracking.

NGS Testing

We're excited to announce our strategic pivot to environmental health. Leveraging our proven Genicus system, we now offer comprehensive NGS testing of wastewater. This new service is designed to detect and track pathogens, providing critical data for public health monitoring and environmental protection, as well as the detection of emerging biological threats.

New Innovations and Big Data

Our innovative approach to NGS testing for wastewater pathogen tracking is at the forefront of genomic science. By analyzing wastewater samples, we can identify and monitor a wide range of biological organisms such as viruses, bacteria, fungi, and phage, offering valuable insights into public health trends.


Galacto Corp is looking to collaborate with public health organizations, research institutions, and environmental agencies to expand the reach and impact of our wastewater pathogen tracking services. By working together, we can enhance community health monitoring, respond swiftly to emerging threats, and contribute to a safer environment.

Coming Soon: GalactoNet

We're thrilled to announce our upcoming product, GalactoNet, which aims to provide a visual indicator of the spread of disease. It works through the collection of sample-associated coordinate data in address form and our rapid analytical systems. This will enable us to demonstrate the spread of emerging pathogens in near real-time, creating a custom 'weather map' for pathogens.

Bottom Image

Technical Report: Rapid Bacterial ID

This case report discusses the identification and analysis of pathogens using our Genicus v1.4 system. Click the title to download the full PDF report.

Key findings:

  • Rapid identification of genomic sequences
  • New neural architectures applied in the field of genomics
  • Potential public health implications
  • Model training

For desktop viewing only. Click title to download PDF.

Download Report

Daniel J. Mueller

Daniel is our lead scientist. His innovative approach has been crucial in developing our cutting-edge Genicus system, with continued advancements focused on the mapping and analysis of pathogens nationwide.

Brian Pillmore

Brian leads our scalability efforts and cloud infrastructure, bringing his expertise in big data and public interests to expand our services into new, critical areas. With a background in big data from the financial sector, he is an incredibly talented researcher.

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